Happy Animals Produce Better Products!

Bonnie, a showgirl pullet, is still feathering out...

Jasper and Cassie
grazing in the field...

The girls out scratching about...

Jasper feels cool and relaxed thanks to her new haircut!

Dixie Chick is such a pretty girl!


Welcome to Fleece & Feathers Farm! 
We are a small farm located in Floyds Knobs, Indiana.    
As our name suggests,
 we keep alpacas and chickens.  
We've kept a variety of chicken breeds since 2009, and enjoy the fresh eggs they provide, as well as their beauty and their antics.  
Alpacas are a fairly new venture for us.  
We love their cute, teddy bear appearance and gentle 
, and look forward to utilizing their fleece in a variety of ways.

We feel strongly about treating animals with kindness and respect. 
Our chickens have secure coops and runs that are closed nightly, but enjoy the benefits of free ranging our property during the day.  Clean water and nutrious food are always available, and their coops are spot-cleaned daily.  Many of my girls will hop up onto your lap for a snuggle if you sit down outside.  Our egg carton labels read "Happy Hens Lay Better Eggs!"  And I truly believe that.

Our alpacas enjoy ample fields of orchard and timothy grass, 
free choice minerals, orchard grass hay, a little grain daily, and of course clean water.  Because our herd is small, we "poop patrol" every day.  It is our hope that by keeping their shelter and fields clean, parasites will be few and far in-between.


The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated... - Gandhi


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